Remote Sensing Hydrology Research Group

The Remote Sensing Hydrology Research Group uses hydrogeophysical tools, including satellite, airborne and ground-based geophysical methods, to address water resource problems, including groundwater depletion, subsidence, and aquifer contamination. The group is led by Ryan Smith, an Assistant Professor in Colorado State University's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. 

By combining geophysical datasets--primarily interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) and electromagnetic (EM) data--with hydrologic time series, we are able to quantify changes in groundwater storage and quality. A sample of some of the research we do is shown in the figure below.

Key tools and methods used by this research group include:

InSAR processing, time-domain electromagnetics, remote sensing data fusion, hydrogeophysics, groundwater modeling, subsidence and deformation modeling, machine learning

To learn more about specific research projects, check out the research page or send me an email.