Joint inversion of subsidence and electromagnetic data

Modeling deformation data related to groundwater pumping is challenging, because it is a function of the subsurface geology, which is typically poorly known. In this study, we combined InSAR data, which is used to estimate deformation , with AEM data, which is used to estimate geology. We combined these two datasets in a joint inversion framework, solving for the subsurface geology and hydrologic properties of the geologic layers. This joint inversion resulted in a model that successfully predicted land deformation on our validation dataset.


Smith, R.G., Knigth, R., Modelling land subsidence using InSAR and Airborne Electromagnetic Data, Submitted to Water Resources Research.

Smith, R.G., Knight, R., 2018, Modelling land subsidence using electromagnetic and hydrogeologic data, International Workshop on Airborne Electromagnetics, Kolding, Denmark.